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Thanks for visiting my page.
I am a first-year PhD Student in Computer Science at Columbia University. I focus on NLP and am advised by Dr. Smaranda Muresan. My main research focus includes generative data augmentation, AI-in-the-loop frameworks, model robustness and faithfulness (ensuring models are "right for the right reasons").
Previously, I was a Data Scientist at UBS, where I worked on corporate activism prediction.
Before that, I was an undergrad at Columbia, where I was part of the Columbia NLP lab advised by Dr. Smaranda Muresan and Dr. Daniel Bauer.


  • FLUTE: Figurative Language Understanding and Textual Explanations
    Tuhin Chakrabarty, Arkadiy Saakyan, Debanjan Ghosh, and Smaranda Muresan.
    [Code and Data]

  • Don’t Go Far Off: An Empirical Study on Neural Poetry Translation.
    Tuhin Chakrabarty, Arkadiy Saakyan, and Smaranda Muresan.
    Proceedings of EMNLP 2021. (Long paper, oral)
    [Slides] [Talk] [Code and Data]

  • COVID-Fact: Fact Extraction and Verification of Real-World Claims about COVID-19 Pandemic.
    Arkadiy Saakyan, Tuhin Chakrabarty, and Smaranda Muresan.
    Proceedings of ACL 2021. (Long paper, oral)
    [Slides] [Talk] [Code and Data]
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    Pictures of the cutest cat in the world (according to me).